Manufacturing Facilities

AD Rice Mill’s manufacturing facility is located in Salem, Tamil Nadu, India.

AD Rice Mill was the first company in Tamil India to establish a many innovations in modern rice mill processing along with CFTRI, Mysore. AD Rice Mill has established a fully automated rice plant with technology from the German firm BUHLER.

AD Rice Mill is located on a site of  4 Acres at Salem Town in Tamil Nadu and approximately 200 workers run the plant, which is is capable of processing 24 metric tons of rice per day under strictest conditions of hygiene which ensure the quality of the final product.

The plant processes rice into several milling degrees and provide RettaiKili brand’s customers with a wide variety of packaging options and we follow a rigorous process of quality assurance from the very start of our purchase of the highest quality raw materials. These are very delicately handled in terms of food safety and hygiene at the state of art manufacturing facility and process parameters to transform the raw material into the highest quality rice available to the consumer.